Savana marketing communications

Marketing communications is our core business

Savana is specialised in technology public relations

Savana is specialised in technology public relations

Events are where you meet your audience

Events are where you meet your audience

Content is the king

Content is the king


Savana services marketingWe increase brand awareness and create positive perception in target audiences with our creative and authentic marketing activities.


Savana services PRWe create and foster various channels of communication for our international brands with our expertise in media and content


Savana services eventWe believe in the impact of experiential marketing and events are an excellent way to bring brands and target audiences together.


Savana services contentWe create the most comprehensive content in specific subjects on-demand and offer the most relevant distribution channels.

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About Savana

Savana is an integrated communications agency based in Istanbul. We specialise in PR, marketing, event and content services.

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Established in 2002. More than a decade of experience in integrated marketing and communications.

Wide range of customers

Extensive customer experience in online media, distributor and reseller channels and retail.



We are independent, flexible and most importantly agile.


We keep an open mind. No budget is too small and no client is too big.


We believe in effort and movement.


Nothing is as satisfying to us as building one-on-one, sincere relationships


We are always aware of the latest trends shaping culture.

Learning and growing

We are always hungry for knowledge and thrive on growth.


We adore mastery in design and storytelling.


We simply love, own and live our brands.


We value integrity, strive to honor our word and give it our best at all times


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Savana References - Acer
Savana References - Alfa-Laval
Savana References - ATI
Savana References - Cnbc-e
Savana References - Dell
Savana References - Fujitsu
Savana References - Intel
Savana References - Ipsos
Savana References - Kaspersky
Savana References - Lenovo
Savana References - Logitech
Savana References - MSI
Savana References - Nvidia
Savana References - Oki
Savana References - Philips
Savana References - Promise Technology
Savana References - Sanovel
Savana References - Western Digital
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